The Answer There Is Unequivocally Yes… (email received 9-21-18)

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My wife Julia met your parents yesterday when they stopped by to explain that you are interested in building a home similar to ours.  The two questions they asked were, first, whether you could do a walk-through of our home, and of course you may.  Just e-mail a time and day that you would prefer to do so, and we will see if that works.
Secondly, they asked if we were happy with our builder and if we had it to do over again if we would use the same one again.  The answer there is unequivocally yes.  They were great–responsive and professional, and also nice folks.  My neighbor across the street is good friends with another builder, and we had that builder come through our home at various stages of the build, and his report was that the Burnett brothers were doing a superb job in every way, in his professional opinion.
Greg, I never told you about that, but now you know.  No offense intended, of course.
Ashley, I’ve copied Greg Burnett on this e-mail so you have his contact information.  He and his brother Todd were the builders.  As I noted above, they did just a great job, and I would recommend them to anyone.
Steve Bowling
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