Four Fun Ways To Update Your Empty Nest


Now that you have an empty nest, you may be wondering what you can do with that extra space. There are many ways to get creative that don’t cost a lot of money.


But first things first: Start with decluttering. Clearing out the room can be an emotional project, which is why the Mindful Living Network recommends you take a mindful approach to this project. Gratitude, blessings, reclaiming and motivation should be part of your journey.


Once the space is clear, you can see the possibilities. Here are four fun ideas for to fill your spare space.


1. Spa / Relaxation Room


You can give the room a spa-like feel like on the cheap to create a daily retreat area where you can relax and de-stress. Update the paint to soothing shades of light blues and greens. Then, add natural accents like seashells, landscape or waterscape paintings, etc. Replace harsh or fluorescent lighting with soft lights and bulbs.


Add comfortable seating, where you can put your feet up. We recommend lots of pillows! Arrange your furniture for a Feng Shui feel to make the space feel more open and less crowded. Learn more about Feng Shui design from The Spruce.


2. A Four Senses Yoga Studio


You can integrate a yoga space into a spa-like environment, too. Here are some ideas to consider adding to this type of home gym:


  • Scents: Aromatherapy, scented candles, and incense sticks are appropriate for this space.

  • Sounds: Add a Bluetooth speaker system for tranquil music and nature soundtracks as well as meditation recordings.

  • Sights: This room should be airy with lots of natural light. Choose a bright neutral paint color for the walls. Use soft lighting and/or candles for evening. Keep artwork to a minimum or make sure it fits the theme.

  • Taste: You can set up an herbal tea station. If your space is small, use tiered trays to store your tea and cups as suggested in this post from The Happy Housie.

For more tips on setting up a yoga studio in a spare room, visit Sivana Spirit.


3. Game Room


Another fun idea is to create a game room. This doesn’t necessary mean video games! You can set up tables with fun board games. You can even create a themed look by buying classic games such as Monopoly or Operation in rustic versions. If you already have lots of games, learn how to make your own game storage station at Homemade By Carmona.


For more grown up fun, add a dartboard and cooler with soft (or hard) drinks as well. Julie Love Home also recommends adding a chalkboard wall where visitors can draw, play Tic Tac Toe, or tally points!


This room is affordable to update, but you can save some space for indulging in tabletop air hockey and other fun, interactive games as well.


4. Craft Room


A popular idea for an empty nest room is to set up a craft room. There is no limit on how you can recycle and upcycle to create storage in this room. You might even create enough items to open an Etsy shop! And, of course, you can decorate it with your creations. If you are looking for great ways to organize your craft supplies, this post from The Organized Mama has you covered.


If your craft is sewing, Margaret Sindelar’s sewing room, featured at, has lots of tips and design inspiration. Storage is a big concern in sewing rooms and you can see how she used pegboards and other tools to create a cozy and creative space.


Now that you’re an empty nester, this is a great time to try new hobbies and activities that are fun and can relax you as you lean into retirement. What are you waiting for? Try these redesign ideas today.


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