Follow along as we build our next new custom home, The Sara

This future 1831 sq. ft. custom ranch is located on 7+ prime acres on Scott Road in Oxford. We first cleared trees along the road to open an apron for access then excavated 250′ of driveway, installed felt fabric, lime stone and gravel.

IMG_3334 IMG_3330

Excavated the basement, porches and garage.

IMG_3327 IMG_3322

Installed concrete footers, drain tile, gravel,

IMG_3641 IMG_3640

9′ foundation walls, rough basement plumbing, concrete slabs, steel, then backfilled to prepare for house framing.

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The lumber package with trusses was dropped off so our framing crew could get started.

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Thanks for stopping by and we hope you enjoy following along as the Sara moves forward.

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