DIY vs. Hiring Pros: What’s Better?

When it comes to home renovations, many people have the choice of doing it themselves or hiring a professional. There are pros and cons to each approach. DIY can be time-consuming and expensive, but you’ll have the satisfaction of a job well done. Professional help might be more expensive up front, but you’ll get a better result in the end.

In this post, you’ll learn about the pros and cons of DIY and hiring trusted contractors like Burnett Builders, as well as some of the easiest and hardest projects for do-it-yourselfers to complete.

DIY Pros and Cons


  • You’re in control

  • You can work at your own pace and schedule

  • It can be satisfying to finish a project you’ve put a lot of time into

  • It can be less expensive


  • It can cost more than paying for professionals and you could even end up selling your house for less if your end result is not of good quality

  • It can be time-consuming

  • It can yield mediocre results

Hiring Pros and Cons


  • Professional help means a better end result, in most cases

  • Work can be done more quickly than with DIY methods

  • You have to do far less work and worry about the details


  • Cost

  • Less control

Top ROI Projects and Their DIY Possibilities


Every house needs paint. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to improve your home and increase its value. This is one of our top picks for DIY jobs.

Updating light fixtures

Light fixtures are relatively inexpensive and easy to install. It’s also one of the quickest ways to improve your home – all you need is a screwdriver. This is another DIY job. Dealing with electricity is always a bit more dangerous, so just be sure the power is off. After that, simply follow the instructions that came with your fixture.

Changing cabinet knobs and handles

If your cabinets are looking a little old and bland, you might want to freshen them up with new hardware. Paint isn’t the only way to update an older home; replace that old brass knob on your kitchen cabinets with a shiny new chrome one for the same effect of updating without repainting. This is one of the cheapest, easiest DIY jobs you can do that will actually make a significant impact.

New cabinets

This is our first hire out-job on the list. Cabinets are a major part of the kitchen, but they’re not terribly expensive and definitely provide a focal point during your sale. With that said, they are not easy to install properly, so we recommend hiring this out and most other kitchen remodels.

Roof replacement

This is definitely a hire-out job. Unless you are a roofing expert, this should be left to the pros. Roofs are expensive to replace and even more difficult than cabinets to install. They definitely add value to your property though.

New windows

Replacing windows can make your house feel more modern or add aesthetic value and help you save on your energy bill! Windows can also be expensive and can cause issues for many years if not installed properly. For these reasons, we recommend hiring this out.

Start by searching for ‘window leak repair near me’ or similar on a platform like Angi. This will yield numerous contractors in your area, and you’ll be able to see their licenses, contact information, and even client reviews. Make sure to get quotes from several providers and compare — you’ll be looking at around $290 on average, but this may vary depending on window types, your location, etc.

Deciding Between DIY and Hiring Out

In general, hiring professionals will ultimately get the job done with higher levels of quality. On the other hand, there are many jobs you can do yourself that don’t require high levels of skill or precision. Carefully consider each project you want to do, and get the job done! See what Burnett Builders offers. Get in touch!

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